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Judy Cheeks

Born in Miami Florida, Judy is the daughter of Gospel legend Rev. Julius Cheeks. Her early life was greatly influenced by the likes of Mavis Staples, The Staple Singers, Edna Gallman Cooke, The Dixie Hummingbirds, her God father Sam Cooke and many other Gospel greats who were regular visitors at the Cheeks home.

Singing came naturally to her. She performed in churches and functions in her community as early as 7 years old.


Professor Griff is a rapper, spoken word artist, and lecturer. He is a member of the Hip-Hop group Public Enemy, known as the group’s Minister of Information.

Griff is a licensed personal security defense instructor, an accomplished martial artist, and an avid lecturer. Remaining true to his title as Minister of Information, Professor Griff has continued his vigilance by providing information to the masses.


Nitro Goyri is not only a rapper but a professional boxer. Being at the top of his game in both is a feat that not many have managed. With his music career taking off along with his boxing career he is incredibly busy and always willing to put in 110% to whatever he turns his mind to. Lots of exciting news coming soon and more records on the way.


Ski Mask Cowboy was introduced into music at an early age, with his great grandfather playing guitar and his dad a piano player, Ski Mask took a liking to classic music. His grandfather loved to sit on the porch either picking the guitar or listening to vinyl from anything to Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or Don With how music made people feel along with himself. “It’s crazy how music can change your life and change your mindset, if your down and out there’s music for that, if you went thru a breakup there’s music for that, hell if your happy, life’s going good and you wanna relax there’s music for that too” Ski Mask says.


Afroman is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, political candidate, and comedian. He is best known for his 2000 single "Because I Got High", and its follow-up, the 2001 single "Crazy Rap". Both songs were featured on his album The Good Times (2001). Afroman was nominated for a Grammy award a year later.


Modern Romance's Geoffrey Deane and David Jaymes formed Modern Romance in 1980, having previously been the mainstays of the punk parody band the Leyton buzzards. Following hot on the heels of their début UK chart success Everybody Salsa in 1981, Modern Romance reached the Top Ten of the UK Singles Chart with Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey - an eponymous chorus chanting salsa linked lyrics. After this, they scored a #2 hit on the Billboard Dance chart with the single "Can You Dance", backed with a 'clubland mix' of the same track and another song, called Bring On the Funkateers.

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